How To Dance Real Slow: Worth the wait

Republished from MOVE Magazine

Finally. Everyone else is gone, and we have the room to ourselves. We turn off all cell phones, lights and televisions. “Should we turn off the dishwasher, too?” I joke. The three of us chuckle for a second, then collectively stop. Damn right, we’re turning off the dishwasher. This requires complete silence.

We eagerly get into our positions and wait, our motionless bodies open and willing. Mine lies on the apartment floor — the stale carpet my pillow, a wooden speaker my headboard.

Justin enters the room, and his presence almost instantly swallows the dark nothingness. He makes the first move. Oh, Justin. His motions are confident, yet gentle. And, we’re not ashamed to admit, impressive.

This is even better than everyone said it would be. He tries something new, and, wow, it doesn’t even hurt … His familiar voice reminds us why we let him do this in the first place. At this point, any lingering hopes of resistance are long gone. The action intensifies, and we know perfectly well the neighbors can hear. We just don’t care.

He hits all the right spots, never rushing, leaving no hair un-raised. We savor every second, but we now yearn for the ending. They said it was like nothing you’d ever experienced. Timeless, some called it. At every pause, we wonder if now is the time. And finally, we sense it coming. Is this it? Oh yes, it is. It feels just like we imagined it would, which is to say, completely unlike anything we could have imagined.

And then, just like that, it’s over. Justin is gone, and we remain sprawled across the living room floor, reeling from the whirlwind of passion and beauty that had just smacked us in the face. We lie there for an incessant second, thrilled we were able to experience our first time with one another.

There were certainly times when it was nearly impossible to wait for that momentous day. We kept hearing how phenomenal the experience was. Maybe, we could, you know, just try it once. Just to see how it feels? But no, we abstained. And now, in a room more bachelor pad than honeymoon suite, we understood why. Yes, now that it was over, we completely understood why we had to wait to listen to Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver, Bon Iver.



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