How To Dance Real Slow: September boasts bountiful music bouquet

Republished from MOVE Magazine

Spring is typically thought of as the season of renewal, but the month of September is making a strong argument for autumn: school, football and prime time television all kick back into full gear this month. Plus, this particular September is just begging for your attention in regards to music releases. These autumnal albums will wake you up way before September ends.

Sept. 13: Das Racist – Relax — The sarcastic duo of Heems and Kool A.D. have progressed from fast-food jokesters to acclaimed spitters with their two well-received mix tapes, all without breaking a sweat. Relax marks the group’s first commercial release, and those intrigued by rap with a sense of humor will definitely want to check it out. (Now streaming on Spotify Premium.)

Sept. 13: Girls – Father, Son, Holy Ghost  — These San Francisco rockers bring retro sounds and structures to the party with soul-melting intimacy. Their sophomore full-length definitely has the potential to be a fall favorite. Whether or not you like girls, you should definitely check out Girls. (Now streaming at Hype Stream.)

Sept. 13: St. Vincent – Strange Mercy — This one has album-of-the-year potential. St. Vincent’s packs some ridiculously soulful guitar swagger into her third release, and the murderer’s row of “Cruel,” “Cheerleader” and “Surgeon” is probably as deadly a threesome as we’ll see anytime soon. (Now streaming on NPR.)

Sept. 13: Neon Indian – Era Extraña — This band galvanized the electric scene in 2009 with its irresistible debut, Psychic Chasms . Alan Palomo and Co. are back with more synthy noise pop to get your shoulders swaying, toes tapping and occasional fist pumping. (Now streaming on NPR.)

Sept. 13: Toro Y Moi – Freaking Out (EP) — Speaking of chillwave… Better known as Toro Y Moi, Chazwick Bundick (take your pick; either are fun to say) cemented his status as ice king in the chillwave scene this year with February’s stellar Underneath the Pine. Bundick’s not done with 2011, dropping some more tunes on this EP, which, judging by “All Alone” (now available for free download on Spin) should be a bumpin’ affair. (Now streaming at Rdio.)

Sept: 20: Wavves – Life Sux (EP) — Speaking of EPs… (Okay, I’ll stop.) Nathan William’s Wavves is really churning out the lo-fi butter this fall, composing around 20 original songs for MTV’s new “I Just Want My Pants Back,” some of which will be coming off this EP. Williams gave us an early taste with the brisk fan-anthem “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl,” which looks like a good sign for the record, which features tracks with Best Coast and Fucked Up.

Sept. 27: Wilco – The Whole Love — You know it’s a great year, much less month, for music if there’s a Wilco album dropping with hardly any fanfare. Whether or not the group still has the mojo to spit out another dad-rock classic remains to be seen, but Jeff Tweedy has assuredly earned the benefit of the doubt. The album streamed recently on Wilco’s website, and single “I Might” has already dropped.



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