How do you think the Once tragedy has been handled, one year on?

Republished from The Argentina Independent

Friday, 22nd February marked the first anniversary of the tragic train crash of the Sarmiento line at the Once Station. The crash resulted in the deaths of 51 and injuries to upward of 700 people. Oral proceedings for the case have been set to begin, but none have yet been punished for the disaster.

The Indy took to the streets to see what porteños had to say about the tragedy, one year after its occurrence.

Victoria Victoria, psychology student, Tribunales

The crash occurred because the train was traveling poorly. There is not proper maintenance of the stations in public transportation. The fault lies with TBA and the workers stationed at the controls at the time. The changes made by the government have been sufficient. They have taken the measures that the situation warrants.

RodrigoRodrigo, design student, Tribunales

To me, the company is to fault. I would like to see the trains, the train company, that is, improve the conditions of the stations and the cars. Preferably, the government would use subsidies to achieve these changes and improve safety. That is what I would like to see.

TeadoraTeodora, homemaker, Recoleta

I lost a friend there, a friend who was going to work. And to this point, there has been no justice here. I don’t take the trains. Very rarely. I take the buses and subtes. After this incident, I’m more afraid to take the trains. Who is responsible? The company because it needed to have more regulations. The government had something to do with the conditions the train was in and had a hand in protecting the safety of the public, but no one cares about the public. And there have been no changes. I would like to see an improvement in the security so that people can travel in peace.

Carol Carol, state worker, Tribunales

It was a big disgrace that occurred. The trains are in poor condition. They’re very deteriorated. The people cannot travel well. After the accident, I am afraid to take the trains. You cannot do it. The people cannot win. Nothing has changed. I would like to see more security on the trains, because there are a lot of robberies. The government is responsible because it is supposed to take care of the people.

Photos by Andrew Hazzard



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