Project of the Week: La Birrilata, Una Vuelta en Tren

Republished from The Argentina Independent


IdeaMe is an online platform, which helps creators, be they inventors, artists, or designers, among others, to finance their projects through crowd funding. The Indy features and promotes one project every week, with the aim of helping the creators finance and achieve their dreams. This week: La Birrilata: Una vuelta en tren

Creator of the iconic 1902 film A Trip to the Moon and its indelible image of a spaceship landing in the eye of the Man on the Moon, French filmmaker Georges Mélies was quoted as saying, “Cinema has the power of capturing dreams.” Argentine filmmaker and theorist Fernando Birri continues that line of thought with the question, “What are the dreams we have not yet dreamt?” Herein lies the premise for the film ‘La Birrilata, Una vuelta en tren’ (A train ride).

The film explores the development of Latin American cinema in the years since the emergence of film maker Birri, who was born in Santa Fe, Argentina, 88 years ago. Hailed as the “Father of the New Latin American Cinema,” Birri is most well known for his work ‘A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings’, based on the fictional short story by magic realist author Gabriel García Márquez.

Birri also is believed to lay claim to making the film with the longest title ever: “Vera historia de la primera fundación de Buenos Aires como también de varias navegaciones de muchas partes desconocidas, islas de reinos, también de muchos peligros, peleas y escaramuzas, tanto por tierra como mar, que nunca han sido descriptos en otras historias o crónicas, extraídos del libro ‘Viajes al río de La Plata’, original del soldado alemán Ulrico Schmidl, miembro de la expedición capitaneada por don Pedro de Mendoza, quien publicó por primera vez estas memorias, bien anotadas para utilidad pública en la ciudad de Francfort el año 1567,” or “The First Foundation,” for short.

The film is currently in post-production, and needs funding to release the movie, define and edit the soundtrack, and create the high definition master of the work. The project is headed by LatinaLate, a group dedicated to the idea that there is “no future without memory,” and furthers this belief through works of cinema and audiovisual media.

The film was a recipient of a grant from the National Film Institute of Argentina (INCAA), but still requires funds to reach its goals. LatinaLate hopes to reach $40,000 to complete its project, and it is an all-or-nothing project, meaning no money will be used unless latinaLate reaches its proposed number. You can help this dream become reality via the film’s IdeaMe page.



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